Healing the Entire Veteran Family

The Special Liberty Project strives to serve the entire Veteran family: Healing Veterans, Gold Star Spouses, and Gold Star Kids. This includes family survivors of active-duty and Veteran suicides, who are welcomed and embraced at all of our events and programs just like all traditional Gold Star Families.

Our programs are nature-centric and therapeutic. They are designed to give the Veteran family camaraderie and support from peers with similar struggles. For instance, we foster positive relationships between Gold Star Kids and Veteran mentors. Children of our nation’s fallen heroes are guided through fun and educational outdoor activities. Working together to complete tasks and achieve goals, the pair creates a bond that is truly impactful. At the same time, we give back to the spouses and parents of our fallen heroes with special retreats and outdoor experiences.

Join us as we help those who sacrificed for our nation and for us.

Our Mission

The Special Liberty Project fosters and maintains a supportive community focused on nurturing our nation’s Gold Star Families and healing Veterans by connecting with nature. We provide outdoor, educational experiences, spark true camaraderie and encourage strength, both emotionally and physically.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of service, sacrifice and solidarity.


Our Team

Cory & Jessica

Cory grew up hunting and experiences firsthand the relaxation, revitalization and camaraderie that comes with being in the field with his brothers and sisters in arms. He wants nothing more than to pass that along to those who served our nation.

,Jessica’s love of nature, passion for understanding where our food comes from, and commitment to a homestead lifestyle, along with her compassion and love for our country’s veterans, drives her dedication for the Special Liberty Project.


Cory & Jessica

Cory grew up hunting and has experienced firsthand the relaxation, revitalization and comradery that comes with being in the field and wants nothing more than to pass that experience along to his brothers and sisters in arms.

Jessica’s love of nature, passion for understanding where our food comes from and commitment to a homestead lifestyle along with her compassion and love for our countries veterans has made her the cornerstone of The Special Liberty Project.


Tiffany George

Arizona Program Director

Tiffany is a Navy veteran from southern Arizona that grew up learning and loving all the outdoors had to offer. From growing and raising their own food, to hunting, fishing and exploring the rich history of the area, living the country life shaped every part of her. Tiffany, a lifelong patriot, grew up near Fort Huachuca, Arizona, with many friends and family in all branches of the military. She is humbled and excited to be a part of the Special Liberty Project and honored to be able to give back to our veterans and families that have given so much for our great country!

Kaleb Weakley

Program Coordinator

Kaleb Weakley is the program coordinator, hunting guide, and a Gold Star mentor for Special Liberty Project. Kaleb owns and operates a firearms training company ensuring responsible firearm ownership and safe firearm deployment. Kaleb is married with one daughter and another child on the way. Kaleb joined the Marine Corps at 17, and medically retired at age 24. He completed numerous combat tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other countries. Kaleb has held multiple leadership roles in construction, tech companies, and hospital rehabilitation for injured Veterans. In 2015 Kaleb’s daughter was born and shortly thereafter Kaleb attended a hunt with the Special Liberty Project. He appreciated the SLP experience so much he became a volunteer and is now permanent staff to the organization.

He holds an Associate’s Degree in firearms technology and child development.

Rachel Paez

Rachel is a certified equine-assisted facilitator, substance abuse counselor, yoga teacher, public speaker, and Life Coach. Over the last decade she has worked as house manager for an eating disorder center, given educational talks at local high schools, and helped to develop an adolescent drug treatment program. One of her most recent passion projects is facilitating wellness groups for currently and previously incarcerated men and women. Rachel became passionate about alternative wellness and animal-assisted healing after reflecting on her own personal experiences. She saw a scarcity of alternative healing programs offered in the treatment of mental health and therefore created Rebels Farm.

For  20+ years has worked with horses and other farm animals. She began as a competitive show rider at the age of 5 and spent her childhood and teen years showing top performance hunter/jumpers all over the country. When she started college she became a member of the University of Maryland Equestrian team. Rachel currently trains and shows previously wild mustangs.

Our Goal

To provide this opportunity to newcomers and experienced hunters alike in an environment that embraces camaraderie, open hearts and open minds.


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